These connectors

These connectors N In the thyroid tissue concentration] Iodine I 300 times higher than in plasma.

h __ The thyroid gland is covered with blood vessels.

In one minute passes therethrough 300 ml of blood through the kidney whereas the same weight only 50 ml.

Nerves of the thyroid gland, which have for us is very important, come from cervical nodes right and left sympathetic trunks, go further along the vessels, and please! of the vagus nerves.

Hormones and thyroid function Thyroid hormones: thyroxine T4 che integration of four atoms of iodine per molecule and triiodothyronine with three iodine atoms.

These connectors are amino acid protein.

Accumulate in the colloid, they as neobhodimos ti delivered to organs and tissues.

Another hormone tireokaltsitonin participates in the regulation of calcium Vaga exchange.

. . . . . .

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4 cups dashi

4 cups dashi Shichimi togarashi can be replaced with ground red pepper, but it give noodles spicy pungent taste instead of a combination of which is derived from a combination of seven spices.

4 cups dashi 1 cup large flake bonito .

Sake cups .

cup mirin .

cups salted soy sauce 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 8 pieces of shrimp tempura 450 g events thin buckwheat noodles without water finely chopped green onions 4 small sprigs Mitsuba or Italian parsley shichimi togarashi dry spicy blend of seven spices sold in stores Dashi in a large saucepan over high heat place.

Pour bonito flakes and bring to a boil.

. . . . . .

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In wok or deep

In wok or deep Prepare the vegetables.

I cut the eggplant and cut the stalk each vegetable slices 5 cm thick Onion cut into 12 slices.

Quarter zucchini slice 1 cm thick slices of pepper, cut in half and remove any seeds.

Then, each half cut into 3 long strips.

Mushrooms leave entirely.

Clean the prawns.

In wok or deep frying pan, pour the oil layer is not less than 8 cm and preheat it over medium heat to 180 ° C.

If you do not have a thermometer on hand, check oil temperature using a piece of fresh bread.

Oil warmed up enough, if the bread pops up and covered with a golden crust.

Just before frying, prepare the dough.

. . . . . .

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And yet in the West

And yet in the West Further, the West soybeans eat differently than in Japan.

The Japanese consume soy mostly in kind, almost raw, for example in videtofu, miso, edamame beans and natto except soy sauce whereas Western exists as soy soybean popular cocktails cutlets, cheese cakes of tofu and soy energy tiles.

And yet in the West can be found in soybeans and natural form.

At one party in New York next to the lush cheeses have a vast dish edamame.

Edamame has full rights serve a snack or part of an aperitif.

Then I told them very happy, like a neighbor girl from Japan has become a superstar.

Although fresh edamame is difficult to find in stores, frozen potatoes did not worse, both in pure form or in a pod.

Frozen beans appear in stores more and more often.

. . . . . .

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Hungry: As, as it is tasty, eat health, enjoy, quench

Hungry: As, as it is tasty, eat health, enjoy, quench Then its down the drain, overeating held.

When a person is hungry, the food does not attract him.

Hence the conclusion should eat only when feeling hungry, not because it came time to eat, or overcome boredom, anxiety, or the soul, or for the company.

Satiated man receptors honking tasteless food because you have or have not hungry.

Hungry: As, as it is tasty, eat health, enjoy, quench their needs and have fun.

This is your legal right.

So as soon as pleasure exhausted and transformed into indifference or even hostility to food, the food must be considered strongly complete.

Zinc shield from stress Experiencing stress As often as possible include in a diet rich foods chromium recommend Canadian physicians.

. . . . . .

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